A Disciple Is Like the Teacher

Persecution of the church is certainly a growing concern these days. While I personally believe the governmental restrictions of church gatherings in response to the COVID-19 pandemic is not persecution, I also understand the concerns of many around me who believe that such closures could become abuses, if not outright persecution. What the Church is … [Read more…]

Separate but Together

As I write this, Ohio’s “stay-at-home order” has been in effect for two days. While the official mandate to isolate ourselves from others in order to combat the new coronavirus and its sickness (COVID-19) is new, many have been trying to separate themselves from others for several weeks. Throughout this crisis, we have seen a … [Read more…]

Disciples Are Followers

Sometimes children just get it, while adults seem to miss the point. When kids play games, they just play. Ever play “Follow the Leader”? It’s very simple: you just do what the leader does. Don’t overthink it! So when we see Jesus call his first disciples – Peter, Andrew, James, John – saying to them, … [Read more…]

Vision Check

Since being diagnosed as diabetic, I have had to get a vision check each year. The doctor examines my vision, just like any other annual checkup, but then they do a series of tests that check for specific issues that could be caused by my blood-sugar levels. While it’s normal to experience some sort of … [Read more…]

The Birth of Community

You’ve probably seen those photos or videos of pregnancy announcements in which an only child is wearing a new t-shirt that reads “Future Big Brother” or “I’m the Big Sister” or maybe “Mom” receives a personalized item – a t-shirt, mug, plaque, for example – that says “Grandma.” As the announcement breaks, as the baby … [Read more…]

Thanks From Giving

Throughout this year, we have been focusing on how we, the church, are a community and how God builds us up as the Body of Christ through our faith as it grows. In the sermon series through Paul’s letter to the Colossians, we have seen how the supremacy of Christ is the foundation of our … [Read more…]

Life Cycle of the Church

Even though our youngest child has graduated from high school, I still think in terms of a school year. So fall, for me, is the beginning of a new year. Fall is also my favorite season of the year because of the transitions we experience so vividly in the color of the leaves, the coolness … [Read more…]

Unity in Diversity

Diversity among people is an undeniable reality, but unfortunately diversity has become divisive. As I mentioned in the sermon on August 11, diversity doesn’t have to be divisive. In fact, it seems that not only has God created diversity among humans, he expects it within his kingdom. In Revelation 7:9 we read a beautiful description … [Read more…]