Spiritual Cabin Fever

As I write this note, it’s 50 degrees and raining. That’s not what we’d expect for a mid-winter day, but I’m not complaining. Typically, we would expect to be nestled away in our homes, hopefully insulated against the cold. As winter progresses, I would be surprised if we didn’t find ourselves dealing with snow and … [Read more…]

What Does It Meant to Be a Member?

As we approach the new year, we are planning our annual congregational meeting for Sunday, January 8, immediately following the worship service. In this meeting we will be approving the candidates for elders, deacons, and trustees who have been identified by the nominating committee and approving the budget proposed for 2017. According to our bylaws, … [Read more…]

A Year of Biblical Literacy

Beginning January 1, 2017, we will launch a year of biblical literacy. Throughout this next year, we will focus on reading the Bible on our own as individuals and studying the Bible together through the Sunday morning sermon, through Sunday school lessons, in small group studies here in the church building and in our homes. … [Read more…]

Marked by Thanksgiving

Unfortunately, it seems that Thanksgiving has become become the starting point of a season of self-indulgence. It begins with a meal that is often characterized by an abundance of food, generous portions, and multiple servings – and then pie. Thanksgiving Day and “Black Friday” then launch a nationwide shopping spree that won’t take a break … [Read more…]

Where’s Your Excitement?

Have you seen that video of the grandfather who received a gift of adult-sized, light-up sneakers? As he opened the shoebox, he seemed rather underwhelmed by the lime green shoes. But when the soles started flashing, he jumped in his seat and then he jumped out of his seat. “Oh! Get out of town!” he … [Read more…]

Are You a Disciple?

I don’t know when this distinction was first made, but for some reason, many Christians draw a line between being a Christian and being a disciple. It seems that the distinction is more a matter of degree, that being a Christian is a kind of “entry level” faith and that being a disciple is more … [Read more…]

Back to School!

Having been out of school for only a short while… I still find myself thinking of the calendar in terms of school years. Sure, I still have kids in school, but there’s something about the fall and the beginning of the school year that seems to be more of a “new year” than the first … [Read more…]

Do You Know Jesus?

The more I interact with people about their faith or just spiritual things in general, the more I find the conversations focusing on what people know and what they do. Most people, when we’re talking about their faith, describe their faith by what they know about the Bible or the Quran or certain philosophies or … [Read more…]

The Struggle of Liberty

There’s a story about Benjamin Franklin as he left the Constitutional Convention that people asked him what kind of government the delegates had developed for this new country and Franklin reportedly said, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Franklin’s response speaks volumes in a few words. Not only had the people of the former … [Read more…]

Slow Growth

As I write this, I can hear the low drone of the cicadas through closed windows and over the sound of the traffic. Cicadas are strange, aren’t they? It baffles me to think that the cicadas we see and hear now came from eggs that were laid 17 years ago. I suppose, as the father … [Read more…]