Back to School!

Having been out of school for only a short while… I still find myself thinking of the calendar in terms of school years. Sure, I still have kids in school, but there’s something about the fall and the beginning of the school year that seems to be more of a “new year” than the first … [Read more…]

Do You Know Jesus?

The more I interact with people about their faith or just spiritual things in general, the more I find the conversations focusing on what people know and what they do. Most people, when we’re talking about their faith, describe their faith by what they know about the Bible or the Quran or certain philosophies or … [Read more…]

The Struggle of Liberty

There’s a story about Benjamin Franklin as he left the Constitutional Convention that people asked him what kind of government the delegates had developed for this new country and Franklin reportedly said, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Franklin’s response speaks volumes in a few words. Not only had the people of the former … [Read more…]

Slow Growth

As I write this, I can hear the low drone of the cicadas through closed windows and over the sound of the traffic. Cicadas are strange, aren’t they? It baffles me to think that the cicadas we see and hear now came from eggs that were laid 17 years ago. I suppose, as the father … [Read more…]

Clarity for Rebuilding

The recent series, “A Rebuilding Season,” seems to have struck a nerve with some people, especially myself – I suppose it’s a good idea that the preacher’s sermons would affect change at least within the preacher. And that’s the point; these sermons were not planned, written, or preached with the sole purpose of making changes … [Read more…]

A Message for the Ages

Aging is a strange process. While we are young, we can’t wait to get older; when we discover we are old, we wish we were younger. It has recently come to my attention that I am getting older, more than that: I am an adult. I discovered this upon my realization that not only will … [Read more…]

What Is This Going to Cost?

We like a lot of options, don’t we? When building a new house or buying a new car or even a new computer, you find yourself facing all kinds of great options. So you spend some time imagining all the possibilities and put together an idea of what you really want. Then you have to … [Read more…]

No Gimmicks for the Gospel

  I read a lot of magazine articles, web pages, and blog posts about church growth and leadership. Frankly, I often feel overwhelmed when facing the tasks of preaching and teaching and working with our leaders to help this body of believers grow in our faith and knowledge of Jesus. I need the help; I … [Read more…]

It’s the Thought that Counts

I’d be surprised if you haven’t seen the movie “A Christmas Story” at least once in your lifetime, but don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll have at least a few dozen more opportunities to catch it on TV this season. At the climax of the movie, Christmas Morning, the main character, Ralphie, has to try on … [Read more…]